The Canadian College of Massage & Hydrotherapy, and its sister school, the West Coast College of Massage, have been training generations of massage therapists for over seventy years. Continuing Education by CCMH was created in response to feedback from CCMH/WCCMT alumni, faculty, and students. They were demanding engaging, high quality, and convenient continuing education across the country. We listened and have put together compelling online courses that leverage the expertise of the CCMH/WCCMT team. The suite of courses is continuously expanding and new releases are issued each month. Check back often to see what is new!

Our Mission

To become Canada’s leading provider of high-quality, current, and engaging online continuing education courses accessible to Registered Massage Therapists across the country.

Continuing Education by CCMH develops its courses in conjunction with CCMH/WCCMT instructors and/or experts in their respective fields. Each course goes through a rigorous development and testing process. Every course is reviewed by the editing team, which includes a comprehensive study by at least two qualified RMT instructors, each from a different CCMH/WCCMT campus.

Do I need special software to be able to take a course?

You do not require any special software to take a course. For best results, we suggest using a computer or tablet in landscape mode and using Google Chrome as your browser. We also recommend speakers or headphones for the video components of courses. 

How long will it take to complete the course?

Each course is labeled with the expected amount of time for completion. This length is based on the amount of time the quality testers took to complete the course materials and activities at a moderate pace. You may find that it takes you less or more time than the approximate time, and this may vary based on subject matter and your abilities. You do not have to complete the course content in one sitting, which may also impact the length of time you take for completion.

What if I don’t pass a quiz?

Course quizzes are knowledge checks. Once you have achieved 70% on the quiz, you move onto the next module.

Will I receive continuing education credits with my association?

Our courses may be eligible for continuing education credits with your regulatory college/association.  

We are here to help! For immediate answers to common questions please check out the answers in our Frequently Asked Questions. If you are not able to find the answers you want, please contact us using your preferred method below.



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